Live and Learn with PA Past Players

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ppp080918_01pastplayers180011And so my colleagues we begin again our journey into present time from the era of the Civil War Circa 1861 through Circa 2009!

Welcome to the journey through history!

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Stepping off the pages of history

Welcome to the blog of the Pennsylvania Past Players.  Join us as we share our experiences and perspectives on modern life from the point of view of historic figures from the past.

Home Sweet Home by Frances E.W. Harper

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Home, Sweet Home

                        By Frances E. W. Harper

It shall be a royal mansion,
  A fair and beautiful thing,
It will be the presence-chamber
  Of thy Saviour, Lord and King.


“Thy house shall he bound with pinions
  To mansions of rest above,
But grace shall forge all the fetters
  With the links and cords of love.

“Thou shalt he free in this mansion
  From sorrow and pain of heart,
For the peace of God shall enter,
  And never again depart.”

Sharers of a common country,
They had met in deadly strife;
Men who should have been as brothers
Madly sought each other’s life.

In the silence of the even,
When the cannon’s lips were dumb,
Thoughts of home and all its loved ones
To the soldier’s heart would come.

On the margin of a river,
‘Mid the evening’s dews and damps,
Could be heard the sounds of music
Rising from two hostile camps.

One was singing of its section
Down in Dixie, Dixie’s land,
And the other of the banner
Waved so long from strand to strand.

In the land where Dixie’s ensign
Floated o’er the hopeful slave,
Rose the song that freedom’s banner,
Starry-lighted, long might wave.

From the fields of strife and carnage,
Gentle thoughts began to roam,
And a tender strain of music
Rose with words of “Home, Sweet Home.” 

Commentary:  Humankind has long since punctuated our differences in ideology and our divided passions through our songs. 

 Yet mere recollections of a place called “Home” calms our hearts and sanctifies our spirits as common. 

Yours very truly Frances